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What is a Geo Grid Visibility Report?

A geo grid visibility report is a chart that shows how visible your business is on Google Maps in different areas around your location.

Geo Grid: Think of your business at the center of a big grid, like a checkerboard, that covers the area around your store. The square represents a specific area in your city or neighborhood.

Visibility Check: The report checks how well your business shows up in Google Maps searches in each circle of the grid. For example, if someone searches for “best coffee shop”, where does your coffee shop appear in the list of Google Maps results?

Color-Coded Results: The report uses colors to show how visible your store is in each area. Green means your store is visible in the top 3 results. The number indicates the position in which your business appears on the Google Maps list.

Why Should You Care About Ranking Well on Google Maps?

When people search for services or products in your area, Google Maps displays local businesses. If your business appears first or among the top results, it’s more likely for potential customers to notice and choose you.

of users search online to find local business
of customers use Google Maps to find local business
of all clicks, go to the first result of local business searches
of potential customers look for online reviews before choosing local services

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